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Storms, Sea Monsters, and Sustenance: Sensational Seattle

  There’s something about Seattle that just always calls to me. Maybe it’s the constantly gray, cloudy sky with a near-permanent haze of rain — my favorite kind of weather. Maybe it’s the industrial city style or the progressive, modern vibe. Maybe it’s just the perfect humidity level in the air that ensures that my curls can never have a bad hair day there. 

The students of the Inside Hollywood Program got the chance to meet Conan O'Brien and watch a live recording of his podcast, "Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend."

A student journalist takes on LA: Season One

 What did I do over J-Term? Oh, I just met Conan O’Brien and Eric Lange (Sikowitz from “Victorious”) and was in the audience at “The Late Late Show With James Corden” and was on “NFL Total Access” and got a private tour of the FOX Studios lot. No big deal. 

Riley Crabtree poses next to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. While it wasn't what she was expecting, it was still a memorable part of her trip.

Christmas in the Big Apple

New York City. It’s a pretty common travel location. The bright lights, the art and culture, it’s enough to attract tourists by the thousands every year. This winter, I too was attracted by the allure of “The Big Apple” and decided to visit the city over break. 


Behind The Brick - Planes, Trains, Automobiles and COVID-19

"Planes, Trains, Automobiles and COVID-19" is the fourth episode of the semester of The Miami Student's podcast, Behind the Brick, which is released bi-weekly on Fridays. In this episode your host Anna McDougall discusses the ins and outs of studying abroad pre-pandemic and during a pandemic. She is joined by her friend, Connor Osmond as well as Miami’s Global Programs Coordinator Annalee Jones and Miami’s Global Learning Coordinator Dave McAvoy.


The Danish Example: Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Copenhangen, Denmark has long been my dream city to visit, live in, and experience. This will not come as a surprise to  my closest friends; in fact, it may be met with an eye roll because I talk about the subject so frequently. But who could blame me? How could I not be fascinated by a country that consistently tops the list as one of the happiest and most sustainable in the world? 


Look fly while you fly

I put time and effort into my airport outfits. I always have. The night before my flight, I lay it out down to the socks and underwear at the foot of my bed like I did on nights before field trips in elementary school. 


That Time I Climbed Everest Base Camp

My 2019 trek to Everest Base Camp was very eye-opening to the startlingly real environmental problems that the Himalayan region faces. I reached base camp in Nepal in the beginning of June of last year. The trek took a total of eight days to reach base camp from Lukla, Nepal, and three days to return. Since I hiked on the Nepali side, I was in the Khumbu region, which is home to three of the top ten tallest mountains in the world: Mt. Everest at number one, Lhtose at number four, and Annapurna which ranks at number ten.


Taking the Scenic Route: My Summer Road Trip Out West

Similar to most people, COVID-19 impacted the plans I had for the summer. I found myself at home, bored, and baking way too much banana bread for my own good. So when my dad, a high school teacher, suggested we go on a camping road trip, I was already halfway out of the door. On July 1, we hit the road in our trusty old Dodge Caravan with a stack of U.S. maps and an open schedule. There is no better place to socially distance than the great outdoors; we were armed with masks, sanitizer, and even a pop-up shower to stay safe during the pandemic. 


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