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Our design editor recently watched "Minari" and reflected on his identity as an Asian American.

I underestimated “Minari:” why I was so wrong

“Minari” so meticulously unearthed these uncomfortable memories from my youth because, in David, I didn't just see a child who looked like me – I saw my childhood. I saw it in a way I never had before on screen, in full color through such subtle, intimate details

The pandemic made selling cookies difficult this year for the Girl Scouts so some girls got creative.

Girl Scouts persevere during pandemic

As winter begins to disappear, many find themselves with a familiar craving: Girl Scout cookies. But this year, Girl Scouts have found new challenges in trying to meet the community’s craving for cookies.

The City of Oxford is continuing to work on how it handles mental health crises.

Oxford considers hiring social worker to respond to mental health calls

On Nov. 17, City Council passed the Safe, Healthy and Equitable Society resolution, which was sent to the Police Community Relations and Review Commission (PCRRC) for further review and research, with the ultimate goal of the PCRRC making recommendations to City Council on ways to develop new crisis response methods and support the Oxford Police Department (OPD). 

The path to being a completely age-friendly university is a long one, but one that Miami has started down in recent years. Photo provided by Jaime Wojcik.

Miami’s new age-friendly status still has growing to do

  Miami University entered the Age-Friendly University (AFU) Global Network just three weeks ago. The AFU Global Network ties Miami to a commitment – with about 69 other universities – to increase education and other services for older people outside the traditional college student age range. The workgroup outlined a plan in its AFU application to develop webinars geared toward faculty on age-inclusive education that would cover topics like diversity.  


Miami to invest $20,000 in solar panel analysis for potential use on campus

  Miami University plans on funding a $20,000 research analysis with the possibility of adding a solar power field to the Oxford campus in the near future. “We wanted to perform a study analysis and better inform ourselves on solar field experiences,” said Cody Powell, vice president of facilities planning and operations. Miami currently uses a small 18-panel solar array at the Institute for Food farm, but Powell said Miami had a bigger picture in mind going forward.

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