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MU students craft films on a deadline for college film festival

Long after the sun had dipped below the horizon and shadows crept across Miami's campus, a group of students gathered at King Library. Fingers clacked across keyboards, and ideas flew from left and right as a group of students began to shape a film they'd have only a few short weeks to take from pre-production to the silver screen.


Lilly and Me: learning responsibility

There was still about an hour of light left before the sun set on the weekend, so I grabbed Lilly's leash and led her to the dog park yet again. Now that I've stopped letting her off the leash on our walks, I've been making an effort to visit the park at least once or twice a day since it's the only remaining place she can run freely. I figured that, at this late hour, there would be few other dogs to distract her and we could practice playing fetch, an activity I'm happy to report she is starting to figure out. She's now at the point where she'll chase after the ball when I throw it; the second (and rather important) half of her game still needs some work.


Food trucks and fun draw seniors to Springfest

In a year where April showers looked more like blizzards, MAP's annual Springfest celebrated a return to the season's more traditional weather. A crowd of students passed under red and white balloon arches to find academic quad adorned with flags and inflatables.


Globetrotting through the Asian cultural festival

A black-belt member of Miami's martial arts club took to the Uptown Park stage and threw her partner on the mat for a taekwondo demonstration. Another club member broke a thick wooden board with her elbow. K-pop and American hits alternated from speakers as crowds of students, faculty and Oxford residents roamed booths lining the park. They were all there on a Friday afternoon to celebrate Miami's fourth annual Asian Cultural Festival.


Caleb Russell and the search for croutons

The Crouton Guy sits at a table outside Cafe Lux twirling his white earbuds, a light brown backpack perched on his lap. He wears glasses, a black hat emblazoned with a red M, a grey-and-blue sweatshirt, black pants and black shoes.


PanFest: Feel the steel

Dr. Chris Tanner pulled his pair of drumsticks from his back pocket and clicked them together to silence the cacophony in room seven in the basement of Presser Hall.