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Parking lot dreams: Male student arrested

At 4:14 a.m. on Friday, an officer noticed a male passed out in the parking lot of St Mary's Parish, 15 South Poplar St. When the officer tried to wake up the male he was unresponsive. The officer located the male's wallet in his back pocket and found a fake over 21 Montana driver's license as well as an under 21 Ohio driver's license. When the officer was finally able to awake the male he could not answer basic questions and admitted to having drank a little bit earlier but had no bar wristbands. The male was arrested and charged with Sales To and Use By Underage Persons, Intoxication, and Certain Acts Prohibited. It took the male quite some time to remember the password to his phone but once he was able to unlock it he called his roommate who came to pick him up and was released.

Former Miami student Courtney Short died March 28 after fighting an aggressive form of cancer.

Cancer claims Courtney Short

They sit side-by-side on the piano bench. Hannah watches Courtney's hands dance over the keys, small but strong, determined to find each note. Courtney opens her mouth and the words echo through the empty house.

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