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Thank you for all your help along the way

<p>During their time at The Miami Student, Reagan Rude and Alice Momany ran the Campus and Community section together. Like clockwork.</p>

During their time at The Miami Student, Reagan Rude and Alice Momany ran the Campus and Community section together. Like clockwork.

I first wrote this column on March 29, 2023, at 12:30 a.m. in the notes app on my phone.

I have since rewrote it six times.

I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to say about my time here, but I didn’t know how much my perspective would change in just a year. I’ve admittedly struggled with writing this column, trying to capture everything The Miami Student has meant to me in just 800 words. But mostly, I’ve struggled with the fact that this will be the last time “Alice Momany” appears under a headline in TMS. So to me, this column has to be perfect.

If you’re a devoted reader of TMS, then you’ll most likely recognize my byline within the Campus & Community section. I never venture too far from pages four and five because I like to write about others. Whether it’s good news, bad news or anything in-between, I’m usually the first to offer to cover it, but you’ll never see me jumping at the opportunity to write about myself, much less my opinion.

That’s because I’ve focused on telling the stories of others for the past four years, and it’s where I’m most comfortable. It feels wrong to write about myself. So I’ve decided to use this opportunity to thank those who let me tell their stories.

My first story for TMS was about two girls who sold waffles out of their dorm room on Wednesdays as a sweet treat. I had no idea what I was doing, but I know I had fun, and seeing my first byline in print made me keep writing. Thank you to those girls, who welcomed a clueless first-year student to your dorm, and thank you to every student or student organization that has since welcomed me to cover events, protests and fundraisers.

To all the professors who ever commented on my coverage — critically or positively — I promise you it did not go unappreciated. It continually reminded me that the stories we tell do matter. 

I want to extend my gratitude to all the professors who welcomed me into their offices for a 15-minute interview, never reprimanded me for writing breaking news while sitting in class or excused me from class to take an interview. I was a student journalist with only 24 hours in a day, and you never held it against me.

I especially want to show my appreciation for the professors who have gone above and beyond for me over the past four years.

Thank you to Joe Sampson, who was my first journalism professor at Miami and continued to support me beyond my first semester of college; Fred Reeder Jr., who was always willing to drop anything to help me in any way these past four years; David Wells, who was the toughest editor but always encouraged me to keep going; Rosemary Pennington, who is a huge inspiration to me as a leader and journalist; Stephen Siff, who treated me as a journalist first and a student second; and James Tobin who has advised me beyond the journalism program, but through life at Miami, and who I know will continue to advise me beyond.

Even outside the manicured lawns of campus, so many individuals in Oxford have kindly welcomed me into their homes or met with me Uptown to share their stories. Before writing for TMS, I had never gone to a city council meeting. Now, I get excited at the opportunity. 

Oxford is truly an incredible town, largely defined by the people that live here, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet people who I’ll still stay in touch with even when I no longer live within the 45056 zip code.

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I have saved the most important thank you for last: my friends at TMS. There are far too many people to thank, but I promise that if we’ve ever interacted within the red (once green) walls of the newsroom, you have positively impacted my time here at TMS. I hope you all know how special you are to me.

I want to specifically thank Reagan Rude for being the best partner-in-crime during my time at TMS. Thank you for always reminding me to laugh in stressful situations and have fun. Thank you Sean Scott and Luke Macy for being the most understanding and supportive team. You both have made me a better leader, a better journalist and a better friend.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank the person who got me roped into it all: Macey Chamberlin. I could write a book about how much our friendship means to me, but I know you hate reading, so I’ll keep it short. Thank you for suggesting we plaster newspaper to the ceiling of our first-year dorm and for sticking by my side all four years. I could have never done it without you.

I think I’ve said “thank you” far too much in this column, but it’s to make up for the past four years when I didn’t say it enough. Writing a column about myself seems silly when I’ve spent my time at TMS writing about others. I can’t believe I’m saying goodbye to this organization, but I will be forever thankful for the people I have met along the way.