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OPD cites several open container and underage liquor violations

The weekend before Halloween, Oxford Police Department (OPD) issued several open container and underage drinking violations and driving while under the influence citations.

On Oct. 23, a conversation between four juveniles got out of hand and one allegedly threatened to fight the other three. The police got involved to prevent the situation from escalating, and an investigation is still occuring.

At 9 p.m. the following day, a female reported she was in fear of her safety and being threatened. Police issued a warrant.

On Oct. 25, an Xbox and television were reported to have been stolen over the period of several months.

The early morning of Oct. 27, police transported an intoxicated male from the 20-block of East High Street to McCullough-Hyde. Police issued a minor misdemeanor citation for disorderly conduct.

Later that night just before 11 p.m., a 20-year-old male was stopped for carrying an open container while walking near the police station. He was cited for open container and underage possession.

On Oct. 28, a driver was stopped during a traffic stop for no headlights and admitted to consuming an alcoholic beverage recently. The individual was cited for underage drinking and no headlights.

Around the same time, an individual was arrested for driving under the influence during a traffic stop at East High Street and North Campus Avenue.

At 2:20 a.m. on Oct. 28, an 18-year-old male walked in front of an officer at the intersection of East High Street and North Campus Avenue with an open container. He was arrested for open container and underage drinking.

At 4:30 p.m., two males were observed with open containers and stopped by police. They were both found to be 19 years old and were issued citations for open container and underaged drinking. 

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