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Opinion | Miami must approach Enterprise University plan critically

Editorial Board

Like many Ohio schools, Miami University is considering the Enterprise University plan. This new approach to academic funding and planning is designed to save the state money by reducing the governmental red tape schools encounter with financial, functional and academic goals. Schools opting in would be subject to less government regulation but would be required to reallocate a significant portion of funding they receive from the state to a scholarship fund.

While other university administrations in Ohio have already enthusiastically endorsed the plan, the administration at Miami is taking its time to analyze the plan further before making any decisions. The editorial board of The Miami Student applauds Miami for taking time to carefully analyze the pros and cons of the Enterprise University plan. Although Miami meets seven of the nine benchmarks to become an enterprise university and can be considered an International Enterprise University, it is taking time to answer questions and is not jumping the gun on this complicated and multi-faceted subject. Jumping to any conclusion quickly could be dangerous and detrimental to the future of Miami, and the school knows this. This board is impressed Miami is trying to choose the correct long-term path for the school — one that can make it competitive and high quality for many years to come.

We encourage the administration to continue to approach the plan with an appropriate level of skepticism.

The board welcomes some elements of the Enterprise University plan., like scholarship support for students. However, other facets of the plan could negatively impact transparency. Money issues may continue to plague the university. It is far from a foregone conclusion that the money saved circumventing regulation be worthwhile.

Input from faculty and students will be crucial in deciding whether and how Miami pursues status as an Enterprise University.

We call upon the administration to establish a means by which faculty and students can participate and have a voice in the process of inquiry.