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Article viewed as degrading to women

Matthew R. Ciccone,

I'm writing in regards to the infamous "Whore-o-scopes" article in the Feb.12 edition of The Miami Student. First, I know I will not be the most important person to write you a letter about this offensive, degrading, demeaning, backwards and ignorant piece that was published in our historic paper, so I will be brief.
First, I'd encourage all the individuals up in arms to not point the finger at the editor in chief, though it is her duty take the brunt of your criticism. Remember that she likely relies on the author of the article, who happens to be the editor of The Amusement, to approve all the articles that go in that portion of the Student. As a male I was nothing short of appalled with what I read, I can only imagine how a woman would feel. This is a newspaper that is read by community members, alumni, faculty, staff and our
administration, not HBO.
As the Secretary for Off-Campus Affairs, I spend 15 hours of my week with community members. They have helped shape my Miami Experience and for this paper that is delivered across the city to so blatantly degrade residents of Oxford is nothing short of irresponsible and backwards.
The irony in how the author of this piece seeks to use stereotypes in her favor, as she herself completely optimizes every negative stereotype that can be laid upon a Miami University student is something to gawk at. When any of the authors or editors at the Student touches their pen to paper they speak on behalf of this student body whether they like it or not; and this is the image we are sending our alumni, our professors, our parents, our fellow residents? How about the hundreds of prospective students visiting Miami this weekend … how appealing Miami must be to the young girl or her father who read this piece. Or what about the mother who is leery about the stereotypes associated with Miami University — will she send her daughter here or Ohio State University?
Removing the article from the Internet is one thing; the papers should be pulled from every location on campus. Before you draw cartoons defacing the young, inexperienced, ambitions and courageous staff of student leaders at the start-up newspaper The Odyssey look at what is being published in your "newspaper." With April Fools Day fast approaching I hope your staff gets the message that vindictive attacks on Greeks, community members, professors, women and your fellow students is not humor, nor do the words "whore" and "slut" belong in a newspaper publication. I encourage the student media organization and the editor in chief to have a long talk about the integrity of The Miami Student and what role they see the individuals involved in this piece, and the Amusement in general, playing in the future of our historic and nationally
read newspaper.

Matthew R. Ciccone