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Opinion | Personal growth occurs outside “Oxford bubble”

Published: Thursday, February 28, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 28, 2013 22:02

The promotion of safety, and awareness of one’s surroundings, is always a good thing. Knowledge of one’s possessions and the best way to handle an unfortunate situation is an important lesson that must be learned on the path to ‘adulthood.’ However, the way these lessons were presented in ‘Many Real World Reminders lurk outside of the “Oxford Bubble”’ was more than a little disheartening. Despite its positive promotion of common-sense safety practices, the article painted a picture of entitled college students whose biggest “reality check” to date was the theft of an iPhone 5. While I am sure this is not the case, I was a little discouraged to read an article in which the biggest lesson learned appeared to be that “theft is not included in the Apple Care policy,” or that “we aren’t always living in this semi-perfect world.” I encourage the Miami University student body to proactively seek out its own “reality checks”—through volunteering, involvement in student organizations on campus, connecting with the residents of nearby communities and helping those less fortunate than they are. So often, those ‘trapped’ in the ‘Oxford Bubble’ forget how lucky they are; after all, not everyone is lucky enough to take advantage of a college education, especially at a university as amazing as Miami.

Not everyone has access to the resources, education, and technology that we do, let alone an iPhone 5. The “Oxford Bubble” should not necessarily be blamed for poorly preparing students for the “reality checks” of the “real world,” but rather thanked for providing a safe environment in which students can explore and obtain a liberal arts education. The world is a big, amazing place that Miami University has given you all the tools to enjoy. No matter what your background, Miami seeks to open the minds of her students, to encourage hard work, compassion and a life-long love of learning that will serve you well, if you let it.

The “Oxford Bubble” could be said to be the perfect incubator for every trait that will bring success in the “real world” – if we fail to reach outside of it, to open our eyes to the world beyond the bubble and how we can make it a better place, we only have ourselves to blame.

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