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Opinion | Americans must advocate for change via leaders

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 8, 2012 22:11

I should start out with saying that I am not a political expert.

I have not taken any political science classes, nor was I deeply involved with this past election other than going to a few rallies.

I am a mechanical engineering major with my goals set on becoming a naval aviator. I am writing this because I am extremely discouraged with what I see around me.

When I was growing up in the 90s, life in my family was extremely simple, yet so great. I have four siblings, two of whom have gone to Miami University. The oldest is a lawyer married to a doctor, my sister is a teacher, my middle brother is a small business owner here in Oxford and my twin is an EMT in school to become a nurse. Our parents fostered the idea of hard work in each one of us.

We never had allowance money. If we wanted to spend money we had to earn it the old fashioned way. My father is a farm boy from Illinois. Through hard work, he graduated the top of his class from University of Illinois in accounting and has had an extremely successful career. He has been out of work a few times when I was growing up and we have learned the importance of government help at times of need.

However, I am deeply saddened by the mindset that some of my American brothers and sisters have. Food stamps have increased 45 times what it was when Obama took office. The day he was re-elected, the unemployment rate was virtually the same as when he took office four years ago.

The U.S. debt is an ever-increasing number larger than anything we can really relate it to. And this is the toughest thing for me. We are blind to the fact that we cannot sustain this irresponsible road we are traveling. It is not a question of if these programs are good or not.

We simply do not have the money to afford all of them. At this point, the election is irrelevant. In economics we see that you can’t look at past decisions in making future ones, you can only look at where you are currently.

We have a bi-partisan government that allows for great change if we can come together. I beg you to email, call and mail our state and federal leaders. Beg them to change our fiscally irresponsible ways. We need to be worried about our future because right now China, a communist nation, owns a big chunk of it and that disgusts me. We do need to help those that are in need but also give them the tools to be a productive part of society. Everyone can’t be rich and I don’t think quality of life is defined by your income.

It’s defined by the effort and joy you put forth in everything that you do.

America is losing its edge, but we are the youth of the nation and we have the choice to become the leaders that will make America strong again. I beg you to not ask what America can do for you but what can you do for America.

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