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West Chester theater obtains liquor license

Senior Staff Writer

Published: Monday, November 5, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 5, 2012 23:11

Rave Motion Picture Cinemas, 9415 Civic Centre Blvd. in West Chester was approved for a liquor permit to serve alcoholic beverages in the movie theater.

At the West Chester Board of Trustees meeting on Oct. 23, trustees George Lang and Lee Wong voted to approve the permit request made by the theater. The permit was later issued to the theater by the State of Ohio Liquor Commission.

The Rave has yet to start selling alcoholic beverages or announce when this will begin.

“Most people know that if you go out to entertainment venues, even family-oriented venues, there’s alcohol available, [like] Dave and Buster’s,” George Lang, West Chester trustee, said.

People will find cause for concern once the Rave begins selling alcohol and creating regulations, according to Lang.

“For the most part, most people are not going to care as long as the Rave theater has policies in place to mitigate the possibility of a minor coming in contact with alcohol.” Lang said.

Barbara Wilson, public information and marketing officer of West Chester, said the Rave Cinemas hires an off-duty officer for added service at its business on a regular basis at its own expense and she assumes this will continue.

“The Rave will have an obligation and will be responsible for monitoring the requirements of their permit,” Wilson said.

Other Rave theaters in the United States have served alcohol and put specific policies in place, Lang said.

“For example, when you buy your ticket, you have to show an ID that you’re over 21,” Lang said. “No one can go into Theater 7, for example, where they’re going to serve alcohol. They’re only serving it in that theatre. They’re not serving it in a place where you can walk around with it.”

Miami junior and West Chester resident Joseph Macke does not see the need for alcohol in a movie theater.

“I don’t know why anyone would want to go to the movies and have a margarita,” Macke said. “It seems weird.”

Macke said offering alcoholic beverages could change the image of the theater.

“I think it will be more for adults, less like a movie theater and more like a club,” Macke said.

Lang said this will provide an opportunity for the Rave theater to compete with other movie theaters in the community, such as Springdale Cinemas that already sell beer, wine and hard liquor.

“It will attract more people that otherwise would go to Springdale, and that’s going to have a big impact on all of the businesses in and around the Rave theater,” Lang said.

This will also affect the image of West Chester as a community that does not try to dictate how businesses should be operated, Lang said.

“It’s going to show other businesses looking to locate their businesses here in West Chester that, for the most part, we as a township will allow them to operate their businesses in the way they see fit so that they can maximize their profit,” Lang said.

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