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New taxi owner keeps flat rate

Senior Staff Writer

Published: Thursday, February 14, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 14, 2013 22:02


Tyler Graves | The Miami Student

Michael Sizemore, owner of Oxford Taxi Co., provides a $5 flat rate for transportation around Oxford and Miami University’s campus.

For those Miami students who want to safely return to their residence halls after a night of Uptown festivities without having to go on a long walk or wait to be denied by Door-to-Door services, the answer may be right around the corner – literally.

Michael Sizemore, the recent owner and operator of Oxford Taxi Co., offers one of two taxi services exclusive to Oxford, according to Alan Kyger, economic development director for Oxford.

According to Kyger, the Oxford Taxi Co. was formerly owned by George Burnett, who ran the service out of their current location at 323 W. Vine St. The service currently dispatches four cars, which can be reached at 513-523-9000, according to Kyger. Although taxi services are nothing new to college towns such as Oxford, what makes the Oxford Taxi Co. unique is its use of a flat fee, according to Kyger.

“The taxis in Oxford all operate on a flat fee instead of using a meter,” Kyger said. “This is legal, but the only stipulation by the city is that the rates have to be posted on the inside of the vehicles. So, inside the cabs there is a map that has airport run rates, in-town posted rates, and out-of-town rates.” Kyger said.

Although Sizemore has only recently become the owner of the Oxford Taxi Co., his involvement in the business has gone back several years.

“I worked with the previous owner since about two and a half years ago,” Sizemore said. “However, I’ve recently purchased the company and continue to provide a service for Miami students as well as Oxford citizens.”

Sizemore’s business provides transportation to destinations that may be quite a hike for students without a car, such as to Walmart or any nearby airports.

“We do keep cheap prices for students; it’s still 5 dollars to travel anywhere on campus,” Sizemore said. “Also, we run the cheapest runs to the airports and bus stations. During the summer, our business primarily goes to townies and the numerous international students that remain on-campus during break.”

Although the Oxford Taxi Co. provides such services, the bulk of its business goes to Miami students who want to go to and from Uptown, according to Sizemore.

“It’s not too bad dealing with college students,” Sizemore said. “The majority of them are the female students wanting to not walk alone, wanting to get back to their dorms. We treat people with respect and kindness, and most people return that. We haven’t had issues with fighting or anything like that. The worst thing to contend with is people getting sick in our cars. Outside of that it’s a pretty good experience.”

Junior Eric McKinney has found his experience with the Oxford Taxi Company enjoyable as well.

“I’d say I’ve used Oxford Taxi to get uptown at least 30 times,” McKinney said. “I live at Level 27, and it’s easier to get uptown than using the buses. They’re really nice people. They’ve even had a mini-DVD player in the taxi with a selection of Redbox movies for our viewing pleasure.”

When they are not taking calls from the likes of McKinney, Oxford Taxis can be found uptown, usually in an easily visible location near the municipal building.

“We like to stay where we’re visible if we aren’t taking calls,” Sizemore said. “We also are going to have all hands on deck for Green Beer Day for those students who don’t want to walk Uptown so early in the morning.”

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