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Miamians leave Oxford in search of beauty options

Community Editor

Published: Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 01:09

Oxford may be small but it has a plethora of places that cater to students’ beauty needs. Still, some students choose to go outside Oxford for their pampering.

Salons such as Attitudes Uptown, Fiesta Salon or Luna Blu are widely used among students and have a good mix of students and the community.

“We have a good mix of both,” Brittany Jones, manager of Fiesta Salon, said. “[But] the students that we have are usually local students or grad students. We have a lot of foreign students that stay around all year.”

While some students choose to get their nails or hair done at places here in Oxford, other students choose to drive to cosmetology schools outside the Oxford community in areas such as West Chester or Cincinnati.

Miami University junior Kate Fauble went to a beauty school in Cincinnati to get her hair done and said it was a better decision.

“It’s a beauty school so all you’re really paying for is the product, maybe a little bit of the instructor salary,” Fauble said.

Hilary Byrd, manager of Luna Blu Salon, said she understands why students might choose to go to cosmetology schools.

“I know they get a lot of clients [from Oxford],” Hilary said. “It might just take [the beauticians] longer but then it gets doubled checked by an instructor.”

Salons in Oxford tend to be on the pricier side, with haircuts for women costing up to over $30 and something as simple as a pedicure costing over $50.

“[Beauty schools are a] lot cheaper than going to a salon where you’re paying all that extra kind of service fee on top of it,” Fauble said. “I used to go to Attitudes…the place was great and everything but I just don’t have the money to spend over $100 every time I want to get my hair done.”

However, some students, like junior Katelynn Dreeze said she thinks that the reason salons and other beauty boutiques at Miami are so expensive is because there is a demand for them.

“Everyone kind of knows we get a lot of people who have money and the people who go here have the demand for these products so they’re going to sell them the more expensive products,” Dreeze said.

Even the Miami bookstore in the past year has catered to these needs, putting in a Clinique counter. Students have mainly used the counter, but this year has seen a fair response from faculty and staff, Nicole Byrd, the Clinique counter manager said.

“This will be our first full year here and having it be the beginning of the school year has definitely made more of a difference but I do think there has been a very positive response to it and people are very excited for it to be here and not have to order it online or have their parents send it to them,” Nicole said.

Clinique prices range from anywhere from $10 to almost $50, Byrd said, and seems to be liked by students, faculty and staff and members of the community.

Dreeze said she thinks the reason the Clinique counter was implemented was because a lot of Miami students use Clinique and salons Uptown will be expensive because it’s something the Miami students want.

“People want that nice salon quality,” Dreeze said. “So of course they’re going to offer it here.”

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