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Calzone restaurant gets new name, keeps recipes

Senior Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Updated: Monday, April 23, 2012 21:04

One of the popular uptown restaurants in Oxford, D.P. Dough, has changed its name to Doughby’s.

Along with the name change, the menu has been changed to incorporate crepes and the names of the calzones have been altered, according to five-year owner, Beau Hiner. Despite this, the menu will still include the old calzones.

D.P. Dough is a small franchise with restaurants along the east coast in states including Maryland and Delaware. The Ohio State University and Ohio University are also home to the famous D.P. Dough, Hiner said. The franchise has a total of 25 locations.

Hiner has owned the restaurant in Oxford since 2007, an ownership he still holds. His contract with the franchise ended and Hiner decided to operate under his own name.

“D.P. Dough owned the calzones’ names so I had to create all new names for the calzones,” Hiner said. “Same recipes, just different names. We have a whole new menu of crepes that have been incorporated into the menu and have been quite popular. The calzone dough is kind of heavy but the batter for the crepe is much lighter.”

Alan Kyger, Oxford economic development director, spoke about how franchises work and why someone would operate under the name of a franchise.

“A lot of times businesses will want to align with a national franchise because of the name recognition,” Kyger said. “When people travel around from city to city, and they know a franchise, they will know what to expect. As an independent, you do not have to pay for the franchise. The business has to weigh if having a national name for their business is better for the business or if paying less money is better for the business.”

Aside from the changes in the menu and form of operating the business, the store also moved to a new location on High Street. Hiner said they began moving in August last year.

“I think his location is now better,” Kyger said. “He won’t need the national franchise to support. He has been able to create his own image.”

Miami University first-year and Doughby’s customer Brooke Monnolly did not notice a difference.

“Besides the name change, I would have never known the difference,” Monnolly said. “The calzones taste exactly the same, look the same, come in the same box ... they just have different names than before. With my calzone, I also got a calendar that showed food specials and discounted calzones/crepes for certain days of the week, just as D.P. Dough had done. But I haven’t tried the crepes yet.”

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