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ASG to hold election for off-campus senator, senate reviews pending bills

Senior Staff Writer

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 8, 2012 22:11

The Associated Student Government (ASG) convened quickly Tuesday due to the election.

President of the Senate senior Peter Dougherty announced that elections of a student senator position will be held next week as a result of the resignation of Senator junior Kristin Dupont. Dupont was censured by ASG after she accumulated 11 points, which prompted her to resign.

Senators can earn points for failing to attend ASG meetings.

The meeting began with a discussion about the On-Campus Organization Act that was presented last week. The bill’s author, sophomore Lindsey Sukenna said the resolution will nullify the bylaw that established the library and technologies and the environmental committees, and will instead place these boards under one general committee called On-Campus Organization or OCO, which will be supervised by the Secretary for On-Campus Affairs. Five senators will address all issues related to this organization.

Sukeena emphasized that this new committee will serve to better systematize senator organizations and allow senators to embrace more responsibilities within their committees.

ASG was originally scheduled to vote on the On-Campus Organization Act on Tuesday; however, Secretary for On-Campus Affairs junior Cole Tyman was not present at senate. Senate members agreed that his opinion is an essential facet in the OCO decision, and approved a delay on the vote until Tyman’s return.

Subsequently, senators junior Christian Cook, sophomore Kyle Hess, first-year Brian Munn and junior Shannon Mullet presented the Off-Campus Food Specials and Delivery Bill of 2012. According to Cook, the bill’s author, the bill will launch a semiannual newsletter for all students detailing daily and weekly specials for off-campus food establishments.

Hess said the newsletter will be a helpful resource for students searching for food specials, and will replace the monotonous process of checking each individual restaurant’s website.

“For on-campus students, it is extremely expensive to eat off-campus without specials,” he said. “This is an easy way to file all the specials in an easy to read format and to compare the prices of each restaurant. Going to each restaurant’s website gets tedious and bothersome.”

This resolution will be voted upon at next week’s meeting.

Tuesday’s meeting concluded with the presentation of the Increasing the Efficiency of Unused Library Space bill by senior senators Brittany Murphy and Paige Zenovic, and sophomore senator Michael Belden.

Murphy and Zenovic explained that this initiative will urge King Library to expand study space into its unused rooms in the basement and third floor, in order to diffuse the amount of students in the main areas of the library.

According to Murphy, such rooms are currently used for storage of desks, chairs and maintenance equipment. She said the university should avoid using potential student study space as storage units.

“The library is an academic space, so the university should be aware that that space should not be used for storage,” she said. “We have facilities that the university is supposed to use for storage.”

This resolution will also be voted upon at next week’s meeting.

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