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Corrections policy

The Miami Student is committed to providing the Miami University community with the most accurate information possible. Corrections may be submitted up to seven (7) calendar days after publication.

Police Beat policy

The Miami Student recognizes its obligation and responsibility to report the truth, even if its earlier reporting is deficient or incomplete. In instances of factual inaccuracies or misrepresentations of the truth, the website will be changed to reflect the correct information, using an Editor’s Note at the bottom of the page with a brief explanation of the corrections made within the story.

There are a few instances in which changes to the website will be made, even if there were not factual inaccuracies. This includes the Police Briefs section – if students manage to expunge the offense from their record and can offer proof to The Miami Student, the webmaster will remove that passage from the website and mark its removal with an editor’s note. In addition, all Police Beat files will be cleared at the end of each semester.

It is the policy of The Miami Student to take police beats off The Miami Student's website at the end of each semester.