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Unique GBD shirt designs win over puns

Senior Staff Writer

Published: Monday, March 4, 2013

Updated: Monday, March 4, 2013 23:03

After months of checking the Internet and scouring stores for the best Green Beer Day t-shirts, the big day is almost upon us. Amid the sea of preppy label knockoffs and puns, a few shirts stand out from the crowd this year. Here is a compilation of some best sellers and unique standouts.

- Mean Girls Sweatshirt

Maley Balog, a junior at Miami University, is the brain behind the Mean Girls inspired light green sweatshirt. The front states, “On Thursdays we wear green” and the back prods, “Is beer a carb?”

“By far, my most popular design was the Mean Girls inspired sweatshirt,” Balog said. “The inspiration for the shirt came from my own love for Mean Girls. My friends and I are always quoting the film so I thought that it would be popular. The same goes for the Workaholics tee.”

- Workaholics Parody

Balog’s Workaholics t-shirt swaps out honey for beer as Blake, draped in his bear coat, lounges on the front demanding the green beverage. The phrase “Let’s Get Weird” is on the back, as if getting weird was avoidable while participating in this tradition.

- The Hub

This shirt was the top seller for the creative team of seniors Tom Revis, Ian Horwitz and Zach Ellsworth. This short sleeve v-neck features ‘GBD’ in a scrawled monogram on the front and the quote “To think that in such a place, we led such a life” on the back, along with a quirky image of Ohio with Oxford highlighted.

The group drew its inspiration from the base of a statue located in the Hub where the quote is written, but the group of boys had a little trouble coming up with shirts that would appeal to the opposite sex.

“We had seen the quote on signs hung from graduating seniors’ houses and it’s a meaningful quote to Miami itself,” Revis said. “In combination with the monogrammed letters, which we knew would hit the hearts of all those lovely sorority girls out there, and the nice design on the back, we were looking for a big seller.”

-Uptown Oxford

The sleek Uptown shirt from was another big seller. On the front pocket of this long sleeve tee is a play on the Vineyard Vines logo that replaces the brand’s name with the quasi-holiday. On the back playful pink and green arrows list the bars of Oxford and their distance from a central point Uptown.

- Spirit Jersey with a GBD Twist

Sophomore Lauren Delk started to sell some green swag for charity, but when she didn’t get enough initial orders she had to abandon the project. However, she says the baggy, sorority inspired spirit jerseys are the hot item this GBD season.

“The spirit jerseys are the best Green Beer Day products to order right now,” Delk said. “The style is in and every girl wants one.”

Other note-worthy shirts include a Jack Daniels label parody, a Paul Ryan “We lost, lets booze” and a shirt with the Snapchat ghost-mascot saying “Oh snap! Seconds away from blacking out.”

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