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Little known Halloween movies to end the season

Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 02:10

Looking for a new movie to add to your list of must-watch Halloween films each year? Then you’re in luck, because I dug through my collection and found three freaky flicks that tend to go unnoticed by the masses.

Trick ‘r Treat (2009)

This anthology suffered delays and an eventual direct-to-DVD release, effectively squashing any hopes it had of making a name for itself. Trick ‘r Treat tells four separate tales on Halloween night, weaving together these spooky stories with equal parts horror and humor to produce one of the most entertaining and enthralling scary movies of the past ten years. Paying tribute to other Halloween-type films, director Michael Dougherty cleverly crafts stories like The Principal, The School Bus Massacre Revisited, and Surprise Party with vampires, werewolves, serial killers and local legends to great effect. Trick ‘r Treat is the first disc I pop into the laptop each year, and I strongly encourage others to do the same.

Frailty (2001)

You’ve never seen Matthew McConaughey like this. Bill Paxton’s directorial debut is absolutely astounding, and it kept me glued to my seat throughout my entire first viewing. The film starts with McConaughey walking into a Dallas FBI office one rainy night and introducing himself as Fenton Meeks, going on to tell agent Wesley Doyle that he believes his brother, Adam, is the notorious “God’s Hand” serial killer. He then recounts how his widower father, played by Paxton, had a revelation one day when Fenton and Adam were children. Through flashbacks, McConaughey reveals the startling stories of how his father employed them as demon slayers after believing that God had tasked them with carrying out this duty. The mood of the film is intense and startlingly believable, which is why Frailty made this list and probably why Moviefone called it the 11th best horror film ever. I won’t spoil it, but the twist at the end is one of the best I’ve ever seen in a movie, scary or otherwise.

Session 9 (2001)

If you want a film that’s deeply disturbing and on your mind days after you’ve watched it, check out horror master Brad Anderson’s overlooked gem. Session 9 is the terrifying tale of an asbestos removal crew that is working at an abandoned mental hospital (filmed at the old Danvers State Mental Hospital in Massachusetts), which is paralleled by a frightening set of patient audio interviews found in the basement of the facility. As the tapes grow in menace, so do the strange events going on in the hospital until the film reaches its startling climax. Session 9 is scary not because of what you see, but by what you imagine. The haunted setting and tense mood provide the perfect atmosphere for the demonic entity that is plaguing the workers and the final lines and revelation at the end of the film is as chilling as it gets. This relatively unknown freaky feature is on tons of underrated horror lists and is arguably my favorite scary movie.

So there you have it, three films to scare the pants off of you and your friends this year.

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